云顶娱乐平台, the safety and security of our students and staff is of the utmost importance. The university has developed policies and procedures to help provide a safe environment for both students and employees. In addition, 云顶娱乐平台兹与威廉斯堡警察局(WPD)有一个持续的合作伙伴关系,以更好地确保云顶娱乐平台校园社区的安全.

The Department of Safety and Security operates out of the Bock Information Dispatch Center, which maintains 24-hour hour coverage of the university’s switchboard and the Campus Emergency number, 4444. 几所大学的建筑都有安全摄像头监控. The university also has an emergency notification system to alert students of any imminent danger or situation. Additionally, the university has partnered with the Williamsburg Police Department to have an officer assigned to campus at all times. 一名WPD警官负责24小时在校园内巡逻. 

To request a copy of the Daily Crime Log, please contact the Office of Operations via email operations [at] buyonlinesingapore.com ()class=" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size =" font - size ="operations [at] buyonlinesingapore.com" or by calling 606-539-4236.

宿舍一直是锁着的.  学生可以凭学生证进入宿舍.  Fire drills are conducted each semester for all residence halls and severe weather instructions are posted in each hall. 所有宿舍都有安全摄像头监控.

学生事务处每年协调几次研讨会, 包括性侵犯和预防约会暴力, Alcohol Abuse Prevention, etc. 虽然这些研讨会是开放给所有学生参加, they are required of all entering freshmen enrolled in the freshmen orientation program. In addition, any student who violates the university alcohol policy must complete an online alcohol education seminar.

Safety/Security on campus requires the active support of the University community. 学生应按照以下简单建议,对自己的财产安全负责:

  • 锁好房间门窗
  • 始终保持车门紧锁
  • Protect valuables
  • 通过保存序列号列表来识别有价值的财产
  • Avoid walking alone
  • 如果你需要帮助,把注意力吸引到自己身上
  • 大声呼救是第一道防线
  • Let someone know your plans
  • Ask yourself if you would be an easy target; if so, change your behavior
  • 自信地走路——注意你周围的环境
  • Avoid shortcuts
  • Report unusual situations to the Safety/Security Staff or Student Services


Emergency Calls911
Safety/Security OfficeExt. 4444
积木楼(非紧急)Ext. 4000
Physical PlantExt. 4406
Student ServicesExt. 4230
Dr. Jamirae HolbrookExt. 4120
Mr. Travis WilsonExt. 4236
Williamsburg Rescue Squad606-549-6069
Residence Hall Offices:  
Archer Ext. 5400
Asher Ext. 5676
CookExt. 5258
GillespieExt. 5500
HarthExt. 5000
HuttonExt. 5600
KleistExt. 5700
MahanExt. 5320
RoburnExt. 5160
Robinson-CookExt. 5258
SilerExt. 5100
Safety Resources

Safety Resources


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KRS 164.高等教育机构维护犯罪记录的责任——有责任向校园社区报告犯罪和对学生和员工安全的威胁.

1) Crime Log:

(a)每一高等教育机构应作出, keep, and maintain a daily log, written in a form approved by the Council on Postsecondary Education that can be easily understood, recording all crimes occurring on campus and reported to campus security authorities or local law enforcement agencies, including:

1. The category of crime, 以及对事件的描述, date, time, and general location of each crime; and 
2. 如果知道投诉的处理, 包括转介检控, 机构纪律处分程序, 或者由其他国家机构调查. The disposition shall include a reference to an investigation or incident report number.


1. 如果有明确和令人信服的证据表明,信息的发布将导致嫌疑人逃跑或逃避侦查, 会导致证据被毁吗, 或法律禁止释放的, the information may be withheld until that damage is no longer likely to occur from the release of the information. Only the information that is absolutely necessary to withhold for the reasons stated in this paragraph may be withheld; all other information shall be released. 
2. In the event information is withheld under the provisions of paragraph (a) of this subsection, the crime shall still be reported and made available for public inspection.

(c)本条所要求的校园犯罪记录应随时供公众查阅,并应在校园计算机网络上提供给学生, employees, 其他校园社区成员也可以访问. 学校每学期应通知在校生, 申请学校的学生, 和员工的校园犯罪记录的可用性, where it can be accessed, 以及计算机网络上的确切电子地址.

(2) Special reports: 除了校园犯罪记录, 高等教育机构对校园安全部门或者当地执法部门认定的对学生、工作人员安全构成威胁的犯罪行为,应当及时向校园社区报告.


(b)  The information shall be reported in a manner that will aid in the prevention of similar occurrences.

(c) Institutions shall use computer networks and post the reports in each residential facility. The institution may also use flyers and other campus publications including newspapers, and other media.


Effective: July 14, 2000
History: Created 2000 Ky. Acts ch. 190, sec. 2, effective July 14, 2000.

The Clery Act

Campus Security Policies

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, 作为1965年高等教育法的一部分,在20 USC 1092 (f)中编纂, 是否有一项联邦法律要求学院和大学每年及时披露有关校园犯罪和安全政策的信息. All public and private institutions of postsecondary education participating in federal student aid programs are subject to it. 违规者将被美国政府处以最高2.5万美元的“罚款”.S. Department of Education, the agency charged with enforcement of the Act and where complaints of alleged violations should be made, 否则将面临其他执法行动.

The Clery Act, 最初由国会制定,并于1990年由乔治·布什总统签署成为法律,名为《云顶娱乐平台》, was championed by Howard & Connie Clery after their daughter Jeanne was murdered at Lehigh University in 1986. 他们还成立了非营利性的校园安全公司. in 1987. 1998年,该法案修正案将其更名为纪念珍妮·克莱里.

Annual Report

学校必须在每年10月1日之前发布一份年度报告,其中包括3年来的校园犯罪统计数据和某些安全政策声明,包括性侵犯政策,以确保受害者的基本权利, the law enforcement authority of campus police and where students should go to report crimes. 该报告将自动提供给所有在校生和员工,而未来的学生和员工将被告知其存在,并有机会索取一份副本. 学校可以使用互联网遵守规定,只要通知指定的收件人,并提供可以找到报告的确切互联网地址,并应要求提供纸质副本. 统计数据的副本也必须提供给美国.S. Department of Education.

Crime Statistics

每所学校必须公开校园的犯罪统计数据, unobstructed public areas immediately adjacent to or running through the campus, and certain non-campus facilities including Greek housing and remote classrooms. 统计数据必须从校园警察或保安处收集, local law enforcement, 以及其他“对学生和校园活动负有重大责任”的学校官员,如学生司法事务主任. Professional mental health and religious counselors are exempt from reporting obligations, but may refer patients to a confidential reporting system which the school has to indicate whether or not it has.

Crimes are reported in the following 7 major categories, with several sub-categories: 1.刑事杀人案,按.)谋杀和过失杀人.) Negligent manslaughter; 2.性犯罪按a分列.b .暴力性犯罪(包括强奸).) Nonforcible Sex Offenses; 3.) Robbery; 4.) Aggravated Assault; 5.) Burglary; 6.) Motor Vehicle Theft; and 7.) Arson.

学校还需要报告以下三种类型的事件,如果他们导致逮捕或纪律处分.) Liquor Law Violations; 2.) Drug Law Violations; and 3.) Illegal Weapons Possession. 如果同时提出逮捕和转介,则只计算逮捕.

统计数据还被按地理位置划分为“校园”,“为在校学生提供住宿设施。," noncampus buildings, 或者“在公共场所”,比如街道和人行道上. 学校可以用地图标出这些区域. 报告还必须表明是否有任何报告的事件, 或者其他涉及人身伤害的犯罪, was a "hate crime."

Access To Timely Information

Schools are also required to provide "timely warnings" and a separate more extensive public crime log. It is these requirements which are most likely to affect the day to day lives of students. 及时预警的要求有些主观,只有当学校认为犯罪行为对学生和员工构成持续的“威胁”时才会触发,而日志记录了所有向校园警察或安全部门报告的事件.

Timely warnings cover a broader source of reports (campus police or security, other campus officials, and off-campus law enforcement) than the crime log but are limited to those crime categories required in the annual report. The crime log includes only incidents reported to the campus police or security department, 但涵盖了所有罪行,而不仅仅是年度报告中要求的那些, 也就是说,像盗窃这样的罪行都包含在日志中. 可以使用各州的犯罪定义.

设有警察或安全部门的学校必须在公共犯罪记录中披露“发生在校园……或在校园警察或校园安全部门的巡逻管辖范围内的任何犯罪,并向校园警察或安全部门报告。.日志要求包含“性质”, date, time, 以及每起犯罪的大致地点”,如果知道的话,还包括其处置地点. 事件应在两个工作日内提交,但为保护受害者的机密性,可保留某些有限信息, 确保正在进行的调查的完整性, 或者阻止嫌犯逃跑. 只有最有限的必要信息可以被保留,即使这样,“一旦不利影响……不再可能发生”,也必须公布."

日志必须在正常工作时间内公开可用. 这意味着,除了学生和员工,一般公众,如家长或当地媒体的成员可以访问它. Logs remain open for 60 days and subsequently must be available within 2 business days of a request.

Title IX

When you become aware of or experience an alleged act of sexual harassment, sex discrimination, sexual violence, sexual assault, or stalking, 立即向第九条协调员报告此事.

The University will take appropriate steps to eliminate illegal discrimination or sexual misconduct. 有关第九条的云顶娱乐平台信息, reporting, confidentiality, and investigation processes, 请参阅学生手册.

Title IX Resources

UC Safety Information

If you are in immediate danger or would like to report directly to the police, call 911




全国性侵犯热线:800.656.HOPE (4673)


全国预防自杀热线:800-273-TALK (8255)


Title IX Training

The University offers a variety of training opportunities to the campus community. Employees of the University complete Title IX training through the learning platform Everfi. Incoming students complete Title IX training through the learning platform MyStudentBody.

Members of the Title IX Compliance Team have completed the following training:

  • August 2022
    • The Title IX team at the University completed a group training presented by Hush Blackwell LLP related to regulations, investigations, and hearings. 相关培训材料可通过以下途径获取 this link.
  • August 2, 2021
  • July, 2020
    • 以下已完成的培训由ATIXIA (http://atixa.org/). Their training materials are copyrighted and are available by contacting ATIXA directly at (610) 644-7858.
      • Investigator Level I, Investigator Level II, 听证主任/决策者, OCR Title IX Regulations, 和第九条一级协调员


Dr. Quentin Young
(606) 539-4597 | quentin.young [at] buyonlinesingapore.com

Dr. Jamirae Holbrook  
Boswell Campus Center 
(606) 539-4120; jamirae.holbrook [at] buyonlinesingapore.com

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